Thursday, September 21, 2006

Allyson Schwartz Votes NO

On Earmark Reform (Passed 245-171)

Allyson Schwartz Voted NO

On Construction of the Border Fence (Passed 283-138)

Allyson Schwartz Voted NO

Speak Out Philly

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

On Aug. 18, my son, Tamir A. Johnson, was murdered, shot in the back on the corner of Wayne Avenue and Denny Street in broad daylight.

The police and everyone out there knows who shot him. No one has come forward, and this young man has not been arrested or even questioned. I don't understand why this is. This young man is riding around in his car daily. He is out there to possibly hurt someone else, possibly your son.

Everyone has rallied around and built a shrine to my son. This is very nice, but it would be even better if the community would call the detectives and give statements of what they know. It would honor my son more if they would get this cold-blooded murderer off the streets.

I am writing in hopes that someone would come forward and make a statement to enable the police to arrest this man. No murderer should be allowed to drive around daily as if he is untouchable, with no remorse. I hope you print this letter, and I pray that it touches someone to come forward. The fear is that he may kill someone else, and it may be one of their family members, when it could have been avoided by speaking out.

We have to let these people know that it won't and can't happen in our neighborhoods. So, speak out, Philly! We must make a difference and let the murderers know they must pay for their crimes.

Roxanne Shy, Philadelphia

Hugh Hewitt On the Media War

In the aftermath of Pope Benedict's speech which mentioned Islam in passing and provoked a violent response from jihadists the world over there comes another realization of the formidable propaganda machine that the Islamist fascists possess, one that is capable of distorting even a pope's academic and densely-argued speech into the occasion for the murder of a nun in Somalia.

This new worldwide machine devoted to manufacturing hate is a reality that cannot be ignored in the West or by responsible leaders in Muslim countries. Before any condemnations and demands for apologies of any statement or debate begin to roll out of government bureaucrats or politicians seeking local favor, they must reflect on the distortion their words will be met with.

In a global war with a 24/7 media front line, the defenders of civilization should be very slow to condemn any speech and very quick to defend men and women of good will against the extremist network of deep hatred that has embedded itself across the globe. Pope’s Point Proven

Kathleen Parker addresses Muslim outrage.

In Iraq, al-Qaeda warned Pope Benedict that its war on the West will continue until Islam takes over the world. Iran's supreme leader called for more protests. Egypt's religious affairs minister wrote in a newspaper column: ``The pope's words have caused a deep wound in the hearts of Muslims that won't heal for a long time, and then only after a clear apology to Muslims."

Pope Benedict did apologize for offending Muslims, but he stopped short of apologizing for his message. He apparently said what he meant to say.

Thus far the Muslim world has responded only by proving the pope's point.

Nun Dies Following Pope’s Remarks

International Wire recounts unprovoked violence.

As the worst Vatican crisis in decades deepened with the news that an Italian nun had been shot dead in Somalia and that more churches had been torched in the West Bank, the Pope attempted to draw a line under the affair by expressing regret.

The nun, in her mid-sixties, identified as Sister Leonella Sgorbati, was shot dead with her bodyguard by two gunmen at the hospital for mothers and children in northern Mogadishu.

National Review Pulling For Raj

From National Review Online:

Thanks to everyone who turned out for last night's reading/signing/Q and A in Bryn Mawr. Turnout impressed me, and Barnes and Noble seemed quite happy with it.

Attendees included Bob Rovner, a state senator whose radio program I will be appearing on Friday, and a representative of the local GOP challenger for Congress, Raj Peter Bhakta. If that name seems familiar to you, it's because he was one of the competitors on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" a few years back. He lasted quite a while, and when he was "fired", he asked out Trump's secretary on the way out. (Serious style and guts points for that move!) Anyway, I'm pulling for this guy, if for no other reason than if he wins, every newspaper in the country will use the headline: VOTERS TELL TRUMP APPRENTICE "YOU'RE HIRED!"

Inquirer: You’ve… Got Busted

Philadelphia Inquirer details internet stings.

For the second time this month, the Bensalem Police Department has announced that it will make arrests based on undercover work on the Internet.

Police said yesterday they intend to arrest and charge three adults and 24 juveniles with 1,500 acts of graffiti that caused more than $100,000 in damage throughout the township during the last year.

After vandals spray-painted sites at the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Bensalem on Flag Day June 14, a tip led to one of them, who then revealed an Internet connection, said Fred Harran, director of public safety.

On Sept. 7, police in the Bucks County township announced they had arrested 12 people suspected of offering prostitution and four others suspected of dealing or possessing the drug OxyContin. All were found through the Web site Craigslist, police said.