Saturday, September 23, 2006

Raj’s Response to Mayor Street’s Press Conference

Mayor John Street announced in a press conference last week that crime is actually down in Philadelphia. It’s just those pesky murders and shootings that are rising. So he doesn’t understand why everyone’s complaining.

Street championed his strategy for dealing with the skyrocketing violence. Street said, “If we want to get our arms around this problem we've got to start to understand these kids and understand their families.” Hello?!

Understand this – the people doing the shooting don’t need to be understood. They need to be locked up in prisons that …gasp…don’t necessarily have cable and conjugal visits.

Street and his staff insist that there is no correlation between the number of police on the street and the number of homicides and shootings in the city.

Ok. Then why not fire all the police officers since they have no effect on crime. And the fire department as well while we’re at it. The fires will go out by themselves….eventually.

Mayor Street simply wants more gun laws. Well Mr. Mayor, what good are more laws if there aren’t enough police to enforce them?

Philadelphia, this year, has a surplus of $200 million. I am urging Mayor Street to put that money towards the hiring of more police officers. I have requested a meeting with Street to ask for just that.

I do agree with the Mayor that root causes must be dealt with as far as youth education and school programs. But that must be done in conjunction with stricter sentences and more police.

Violent crime is up nationwide by 1.3 percent last year. In Philadelphia, crimes of violence were up 3.4 percent. Murder was up 13 percent.

The fact that New York City is safer than Philadelphia should be a lesson to John Street. There, Mayor Rudy Giuliani hired police officers who enforced the law and brought crime down. Understanding criminals is nice but getting them off the street is better. I don’t think John Street understands that.

Unless we get new leadership in the Northeast, our neighborhoods will continue to grow more drug laden, crime ridden, and violent. The Northeast needs new and fearless leadership committed to stopping crime. I’m Raj Peter Bhakta and I want to Save the Northeast.

Raj Peter Bhakta

Raj Proposes Needed Moratorium

Congressional Candidate Raj Peter Bhakta announced today that, if elected he would propose a bill pushing for a two-year moratorium on immigration and student visas from several nations regarded as sponsoring terrorism.

“All 19 of the terrorist hijackers of 9-11 entered the country legally,” said Raj. “But we’ve hardly changed our policies. That’s unacceptable.”

Raj said terrorists take advantage of our openness but we must now restore sanity to our immigration policy by ensuring Americans will be safe at home.

“While it is absolutely essential that we not scapegoat Muslim immigrants, we cannot overlook the most obvious fact: the current terrorist threat to the United States comes almost exclusively from individuals from countries that sponsor Islamic radical terrorism,” said Raj. “Airport security continues to shake down gray-haired ladies at airports while our borders remain open and we are granting visas to people from terrorist states. Congress and the president have been derelict in their duty.”

Less than three weeks after 9-11, Senator Diane Feinstein called on Congress to support a six-month moratorium on issuing student visas. Feinstein retracted her proposal after protests from special interest groups. Raj will not back down.

“We are involved in a new kind of war,” Raj said. “America's borders are now a major theater of operations -so keeping the terrorists out is an indispensable element of victory. “If the terrorists can't enter the country, they can’t commit an attack on American soil.”

Under Raj’s plan the Secretary of State could waive the ban if the person passes an extensive background check and the Secretary certifies that that particular person would not pose a threat to national security.

Daily News: Non Violent, But Just As Dangerous

Jill Porter portrays a ten-time offender.

Christopher Beltz may not be the city's most infamous felon.

But he could be the poster child for a criminal-justice system that's a revolving door for chronic offenders.

He's been convicted 10 times. He violated probation five times. He's been before nine Common Pleas judges. And he's been in jail 10 times...

Daily News: Laughing at the Abyss

Philadelphia Daily News depicts killer’s cackle.

After a jury convicted him on racketeering, attempted-murder, murder-conspiracy and weapons charges yesterday, Latin Kings gang member Edwin Irizarry chuckled just before he was handcuffed and escorted out of a federal courtroom by U.S. marshals.

Irizarry, 27, also known as "King Penguin," faces a mandatory minimum of 35 years behind bars for two gun convictions, in addition to whatever jail time Pratter metes out for the other convictions.

Lions Seek Second Straight Beating of Buckeyes

Twenty-fourth ranked Penn State faces top-ranked Ohio State.

Ginn and the Buckeyes are looking for payback against Penn State, which handed Ohio State its last loss. The Nittany Lions beat Ohio State 17-10 last season and the Buckeyes have won 10 straight since.

Buy This Book

National Review's Jim Geraghty was kind enough to invite our campaign to a reading/signing of his new book, Voting to Kill, so that we could speak with audience members about volunteering.

Jim's message that voters will continue to entrust the Republican Party with keeping America safe from terror is both heartening and correct. Please read his latest--characteristically excellent--National Review Online piece.

Brad V.

"Our Problems Are Fixable, But You've Got to Fix 'Em”

Twelfth Ranked Notre Dame faces Michigan State.

Charlie Weis stopped a reporter before he could finish asking a question about whether Notre Dame needs to do a better job of running inside on first down.

"How about running, period? How about getting the running game going, period?" he said. "I think that was one of the things I wanted to do last week, which I obviously didn't get done. That's one of the things that will be a point of emphasis again this week."

The 12th-ranked Fighting Irish (2-1) managed just 4 yards rushing in a 47-21 loss to Michigan last week, their worst rushing performance in 41 years. They head into Saturday's game at Michigan State (3-0) ranked 102nd in the nation in rushing, averaging 84 yards a game.

Inquirer: “No One Signs A Form to Get A Prostate Exam”

Philadelphia Inquirer reports CDC proposal.

Every American between ages 13 and 64 should be screened for HIV to identify the quarter-million people who are infected and do not know it, government officials recommended yesterday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also called for increased testing for pregnant women to further reduce the already low transmission of the AIDS virus from mothers to infants.

Increased testing would be voluntary...

Eagles Seek Seventh 4-0 Start

Raj’s alma mater opposes North Carolina State.

Coach Tom O'Brien's club seemingly cannot win easily but keeps on winning nevertheless.

After a pair of double-overtime victories, No. 20 Boston College hits the road to take on North Carolina State in an Atlantic Coast Conference contest.