Thursday, September 28, 2006

Allyson Schwartz (Once Again) Votes NO

On Voter ID (Passed 223-196)

Allyson Schwartz Voted NO Gangs, Drugs, & A Dead Little Girl chronicles Cashae Rivers murder.

True, it was the bullet that ultimately killed little Cashae Rivers.

Some of the men in the little girl's life are convicted criminals with long rap sheets, even though many of the women continue to swear their own innocence.

Even veteran investigators remarked that the 5-year-old was the only truly innocent person in the case.

Inquirer: The Live In Our Hands

Philadelphia Inquirer articulates responsibility.

Children need many groups of adults to keep them safe. Parents are the primary guardians, of course.

But up the chain are elected and appointed officials who have taken on the responsibility of protecting all Philadelphians.

Daily News: "She's Very Lucky to be Alive"

Philadelphia Daily News depicts Northeast violence.

The barrel of a black revolver filled the eyes of a terrified young woman when she awoke in her Northeast Philadelphia home last Friday.

The gun was gripped by a clean-shaven creep who clamped his other hand on the woman's throat, police said.

The intruder demanded cash and took an undetermined amount of money.

He also tried to sexually assault the 24-year-old woman. When she resisted, police said, he fired a shot that grazed the woman's head, and the thug took off.

Now, investigators are asking for the public's help in tracking down the assailant, who faces charges including robbery, aggravated assault and attempted rape. Young Men Slain narrates another double homicide.

About 11:30 last night, a man, 29, was found shot in the chest and right cheek in the 2800 block of North Lambert Street. He was taken to Temple University Hospital, where he was initially listed in critical condition.

He died shortly after 2 a.m.

Another man, 24, was pronounced dead at 1 a.m. at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He was found just 20 minutes earlier, shot once in the back in the 6000 block of Locust Street in West Philadelphia.


From the Philadelphia Daily News:

Two hundred eighty-seven murders to date, the latest a 5-year-old girl simply sitting in the back seat of her mother's car on a Sunday drive.

But what are the mayor and City Council worried about, where is their focus? It is on those horrible, highly taxed cigarette smokers and the Boy Scouts.

Smoking is a terrible, life-threatening habit, one I've been trying to give up for years, but to rush through a bill like this when our children are being shot to death is ridiculous.

To work hard on throwing the Boy Scouts out of a building they have occupied for more than 80 years, an organization that does a whole lot more good for the youth of this city than any other organization, is, at best, ludicrous, especially when the city is averaging better than one murder a day.

Mr. Mayor, City Council members, please stop worrying about things that are not so important and change your focus to the important matters.

Stop our children from being murdered senselessly on the city streets. Stop the drug dealers all over the city from peddling their garbage to children in this city and stop worrying about little things.

Enforce the laws that we have and stop making new ones that make no sense, because the laws we have are not enforced.

Bob Deck, Philadelphia

A Roundball Solution

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

It is truly enough. One innocent little 5-year-old girl is dead and gun violence is rampant in our city.

I've heard all kinds of ideas on how to solve this dilemma, but not the one that everyone knows will make a difference. I was a teenager back in the days of gang wars. Those days are back, and the only thing that can stop them are the same things that worked back then.

We need to realize that the guns are not firing themselves. Kids are shooting because they have given up on themselves and everything else, and no longer care. During the days of gang wars, they opened up the school gyms for recreation, and the gang wars dissipated.

A child who has no activity will create his own, legal or not, and it is time our leaders realize this. I once managed one of the worst apartment complexes in the city. Vandalism was everywhere, so I announced that I was building a basketball court on the premises. When word got out, the same youths who were destroying everything marched into my office and asked if they could clean up the area where the court was to be built... for free.

After the court was built, the vandalism lessened significantly, and the kids were happy that they now had something to occupy their time. For those people who feel that adding more police officers will solve the problem, think again. Most of these kids will not respect five officers, so do you think they will respect 25?

For those who think lobbying for gun control will solve the problem, that should make things a lot more difficult for those who are already buying guns legally, but it will not do anything for those kids buying illegally. No, if you want to end this problem, take some of that same money that is allocated for prison inmates and spend it on renovating your recreation centers and gyms so that they will be open in the evenings.

And include free computer rooms, libraries, and get local businesses to donate so they can have a nice tax write-off.

I welcome all responses, pro or con at

Elton Brett Jolly, Philadelphia