Friday, October 13, 2006

Blonde Sagacity Blog Endorses Raj

Today, the Blonde Sagacity Blog officially endorsed Raj Peter Bhakta. The endorsement spotlights both Raj on the border and his commitment to reform.

Illustrative & Terrifying

Editor Mary Katherine Ham praises Raj’s demonstration.

Yes, it's a publicity stunt. Yes, it will work. Yes, in fact, it's working right this very minute.

Why? Because it's illustrative. Sadly.

Only in American can a son of immigrants, not even one generation later, proudly ride a pachyderm across our Southern border and grab the attention of 18 major news outlets without grabbing the attention of the border patrol. Great country, this. Yikes, I wonder how long it'll stay that way.

On the Website of Record

On Friday, both Raj on the border and Raj Blog VTH were featured on Townhall’s front page.

GOP Bloggers Highlight Raj

GOP Bloggers reprints Raj on the border. GOP Bloggers became the eighty-fifth outlet to publicize Raj on the border.

Hot Air Touts Raj, Video

Hot Air Blog highlights Raj on the border.

Ace and Mary K posted the video earlier, but theirs comes in little snippets from news shows.

The elephant part starts at around the four-minute mark. I think the beginning’s funnier, though.

Support This Candidate

Six Meat Buffet acclaims Raj.

Raj Bhakta, congressional candidate from Pennsylvania’s 13 district and the guy I pimp for crossed the Rio Grande on an elephant to make a point about immigration.

I’ve written earlier on why this particular race is important - his opponent, Alyson Schwartz. If Congress could displace one rabid liberal, that would be good for everyone.

Also, it is a brilliant way for him to raise his profile. He needs your help. You probably don’t live in North Philadelphia, so please consider donating to his campaign or spreading the word on your blog.

Richly Humorous Serious Point

Blogger News Network extols Raj on the border.

My thanks for this story go here. Evidently, after seeing — how shall I say this? OK, just for fun, I’ll use the language of the land, the odd PC dialect that has taken ahold of the American tongue — undocumented immigrants swimming freely into the country from Mexico, Raj Peter Bhakta, who is running for the 13th District U.S. House of Representatives seat in Eastern Pennsylvania, decided to experiement a little.

According to the Brownsville Herald, “Bhakta decided to see if he could get an elephant accompanied by a six-piece mariachi band across the river.”

I like the way this man thinks. What a creative, humourous, non-insulting means of making a serious point on an important issue!

“Hey Pennsylvania! Vote Raj!”

Belch Speak lauds Raj on the border.

This is a hilarious political stunt by a Pennsylvania Republican candidate. Frustrated that illegal aliens are flooding the country on the Mexican Border, Raj Bakta rented three elephants and a 6-piece mariachi band to see how long it would take the Border Patrol to notice that they were swimming in the Rio Grande.

The elephants and the mariachi band swam around for quite a while until the Border Patrol showed up. They detained the elephants to make sure they didnt have any ticks.

We’re Worried About What?

Jack rips border security.

The Herald article (very poorly written, I might add) doesn't mention how long it took for officials to finally show up (an important fact, wouldn't you think?). It was the department of Agriculture which finally sent someone out, to see if the elephants were free of ticks. Terrorists with anthrax, sarin gas or thermonuclear devices they don't worry about, no, they were concerned about...ticks.

Don Surber Agrees With Raj

Don Surber addresses Raj and border security.

Hey, Republicans, you have an issue. Want to show the difference between the parties? One party wants to mollycoddle illegal aliens by bestowing them with the privileges of citizenship without the hassle of citizineship.

The other party wants to kick the illegal aliens out.

Or so it should.

Raj Receives High Praise

Freedom Folks hails Raj on the border.

How ironical as illegals aren't detained for crossing the border illegally, but elephants are? Priorities anybody?

“Colorful Politics”

An Elephant Commentary

Lonestar Pundit discusses Raj on the border.

You’ve heard the saying, “nobody wanted to talk about the elephant in the room.” Well, what about the elephant on the border?

Gateway Pundit Reprints Raj on the Border

Gateway Pundit touts Raj on the border. Gateway Pundit became the seventy-fifth outlet to publicize Raj on the border.

High Desert Wander Illuminates Raj on the Border

High Desert Wanderer showcases Raj on the border.

How safe are our borders? Raj Peter Bhakta, running for the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania decided to test it. He rode an elephant into the US from Mexico, with a Mariachi band for accompaniment.

“An Inspired Effort”

CPL Blog Links Raj on the Border

Bill Press Show Spotlights Raj on the Border

The Bill Press Show plugs Raj on the border.

Raj Peter Bhakta, former contestant on the Apprentice, rode across the U.S.-Mexico border on an elephant with a mariachi band in tow.

His point: border security is a big fat joke

Chicago Tribune Highlights Raj on the Border

From the Chicago Tribune:

WHAT A CIRCUS: Raj Peter Bhakta, a Pennsylvania Republican running for the U.S. House and a former contestant on NBC's "The Apprentice," took his campaign to the Texas-Mexico border Tuesday. The Brownsville Herald reported that Bhakta paraded three elephants and a six-piece mariachi band along the Rio Grande to show that border security was lax....

Raj on the Border Republished – Volume LXIX

Raj on the Border Republished – Volume LXVIII

Raj on the Border Republished – Volume LXVII

Raj on the Border Republished – Volume LXVI

Raj on the Border Republished – Volume LXV

Daily News: "Our Streets Are Polluted"

Philadelphia Daily News chronicles horror and outrage.

Ruby Walker is one of those who is outraged.

"Every night we hear gunshots. Every single night. We hear helicopters and sirens and wonder where they are going and who they got this time," she shrieked.

[Maureen] Johnson, Walker and their Kingsessing neighbors take their lives one day at a time - and they must stand in line to pay their respects to the families of yet another victim struck by yet another bullet.

"This is the norm for the time that we live in, unfortunately, but what you have to do is just hit the floor and teach your kids to hit the floor, too," Johnson said. "Otherwise, who knows what might happen to you."

Daily News: The Other Solutions

Philadelphia Daily News addresses violence prevention.

Access to guns is a problem, but people are blind if they believe that the only solution is more legislation. What about teaching kids that they need to stay in school and explore the wonders spread before them in books? What about penalizing people for having children with multiple partners, not caring that they're creating a generation stripped of role models and hope?

What about creating job opportunities for young adults so that they won't be mesmerized by the quick and lucrative fix of drugs? What about appealing to the witnesses who know that crimes are occurring in their neighborhoods but keep their lips sealed out of fear? And what about locking up the perpetrators, eschewing forgiveness and rehabilitation for killers of kids, even those who are kids themselves?

Congratulations Robert Wuller

Philadelphia Daily News profiles Parade Magazine’s Officer of the Year.

Officer Robert Wuller was in a bad spot.

Lured by a woman's screams, Wuller, 30, charged into a Frankford apartment and found himself face-to-face with his own mortality.

Three gunmen were in the midst of torturing and robbing a man they had bound to a chair as a woman and her two children watched in horror.

One of the thugs pointed his weapon at Wuller, and the veteran cop shot back. Wuller survived; the gun-toting creep did not.

Daily News: No Escape

Philadelphia Daily News documents random homicides.

[Christopher] Grant, 19, of Ridge Avenue near Poplar in Francisville, was gunned down late Wednesday in a Northern Liberties apartment. While police questioned possible witnesses, detectives hadn't arrested the killer nor pinpointed a motive yesterday.

Although he'd been locked up in the past for drug offenses, Grant had landed a job at a Center City McDonald's and was trying to get his GED, his sister Christina Allen said. He was a talented artist who dreamed of designing his own clothing and sneakers...

“The Objective Was Simple” recounts border security demonstration. became the sixty-eighth outlet to publicize Raj on the border.

Elephants, a six-piece mariachi band and a former reality TV contestant stood at the mouth of the Rio Grande.

Don't wait for the punch line.

It's not a joke but a political stunt by Raj Bhakta, a Republican looking to unseat Democratic incumbent Allyson Schwartz in the 13th Congressional District, to prove the sad state of border security in the nation.

Spotlighting Our Initiative

The Real Ugly American highlights Raj on the border.

Think a fence might be able to stop that? Congressional candidate Raj Bhakta in Pennsylvania’s 13th district was in Brownsville Texas for a fund raiser this week. While he was there he witnessed a half dozen illegal aliens crossing the border unimpeded so he thought he would make a point.

TSF Protests Applauds Raj

TSF Protests praises Raj’s presentation.

The congressional candidate from Pennsylvania pulled a great stunt riding an elephant through the Rio Grande all the while a mariachi band was playing. Nobody showed up. He was there for over an hour before any police showed up. Clearly showing the illegal immigration problem that we have. Anybody can get in this country at any time. What a great demonstration. Way to go Raj!

Pondering Raj’s Point

Watersblogged considers Raj’s border security criticism.

"If I can get an elephant led by a mariachi band into this country," Bhakta said, " I think Osama bin Laden could get across with all the weapons of mass destruction he could get into this country."

A point worth considering...

Raj on the Border Republished – Volume LXIV

Raj on the Border Republished – Volume LXIII

Congratulations Boston College (5-1)

Raj’s alma mater defeats Virginia Tech 22-3.

Boston College walk-on Steve Aponavicius never showed a hint of hardship against Virginia Tech, delivering a perfect kicking performance in his football debut.

It was only after the game that the left-footed soccer convert allowed his aw-shucks inexperience to show through.

"All of it was fun. Every minute of it," he said Thursday night after making two field goals and two extra points to lead Boston College to a 22-3 victory over Virginia Tech. "I just wanted to go out and enjoy it."

Our Condolences to The Family of Cory Lidle

Philadelphia Daily News eulogizes former Phillies pitcher.

She then asked what I had to write about it, since, you know, Cory Lidle had been in the plane, maybe flying it.

That was a gut punch.

Cory Lidle, the former Phillies pitcher whose love of golf and poker were almost wholly replaced by his newfound joy of flying. Lidle, probably flying his plane across country, back to California, his season with the Yankees done. Lidle, seemingly flippant about his perilous hobby, apparently dismissive about the dangers inherent in small-craft aviation, always pointing out that flying was safer than, say, driving. Or showering.

Lidle, dead at 34.

Daily News: What Has Happened?

Ronnie Polaneczky examines our new normal.

I am so sick of life post 9/11: A plane crashes into a building on a busy street in the Western Hemisphere's best-known metropolis, and we're looking on the bright side.

Remember when that jetliner went down in Queens, a couple of months after 9/11 happened? And we all were terrified it was terrorists, all over again? Remember how weird it was to be relieved that it was just an accident that wrecked that neighborhood?

Daily News: Cake Shot

Philadelphia Daily News details deliveryman shooting.

A thug in a gray car inexplicably shot up a West Oak Lane mom-and-pop store yesterday morning, wounding a Tastykake deliveryman.

Police said the drive-by shooting occurred at 9:13 a.m. on Ogontz Avenue near 66th Avenue. The 27-year-old driver, whose name was not released, was hit once in the right hip while he made a scheduled delivery inside the Mami Mini Market. No-No Killings portrays pattern violence.

Two men were fatally shot in separate cases in North Philadelphia last night, police said.

As of this morning, no arrests had been made, and no motive had been determined.

Inquirer: The Simplest of Suggestions

Philadelphia Inquirer discusses school safety.

The news zoomed around the world: A sick, violent and well-armed man easily entered a school in the quiet Amish town of Paradise, Pa., and shot 10 girls, killing five and seriously wounding five others.

You would think such an abomination would make every school district chief and every building principal in this region, so close to Paradise, conduct an immediate review of their security procedures.

You would think.

Think again.

Raj on the Border Republished – Volume LXII

Raj on the Border Republished – Volume LXI

Raj on the Border Republished – Volume LX

Raj on the Border Republished – Volume LVIX

Raj on the Border Republished – Volume LVIII

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Raj on the Border Republished – Volume XLVIX

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Raj on the Border Republished – Volume XXXII