Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We’re Still Number One

On Tuesday, Raj Blog VTH retained Townhall.com’s number one ranking. Tuesday was our fifth consecutive day in the top ten.

We’re Number One

On Monday, Raj Blog VTH became Townhall.com’s number one ranked blog. Currently, the website of record hosts 5,774 blogs. Monday was our fourth consecutive day in the top ten.

Katie Favazza Supports Raj

From her Elocutio Blog:

If you think border security is a joke, you have got to see this. Raj is officially my new hero (even if his blog is doing better than mine for the time being). He's no stranger to Townhall and I highly encourage you all to learn more about him and do anything you can to help his campaign. Bloggers: that means you!

Townhall’s Josue Spotlights Raj

From Josue’s Blog:

Raj is on Fox News talking about his Elephant ride across the Rio Grande!! You got to watch this!! Check out his blog right here on Townhall.com.

There Simply is no Border Security

Red Sky Brothers Blog lauds Raj’s example.

I encourage everyone to go to Raj Bhakta’s campaign homepage and view the video on the left side of the header. Mr. Bhakta has succeeded in combining humor with a sad reality. Not only does it include his crossing of the Rio Grande on the back of an elephant, accompanied by a six piece mariachi band, with nary a border guard in site, he also films an illegal intruder swimming across the river directly under the US border crossing.

Folks, the political debates in congress are simply smoke and mirrors, meant to passify public outcry without actually doing anything of real substance whatsoever. There simply is no border security.

Expressions of Liberty Applauds Raj

Expressions of Liberty discusses Raj’s demonstration.

I have to applaud the stunt as it did a good job of attracting attention to him and the Federal Government’s unwillingness to protect the American people. It is stunts like his which will keep as well as our vote against those willing to trade the security of the United States for one reason or another which can by grace of God win the issue for us.

I am not a strong supporter of Mr. Bhakta, but his courageous move gets my backing.

Jokers to the Right Acclaims Raj on the Border

Jokers to the Right Blog hails Raj’s illustration.

That is one of the great campaign stunts in modern politics! The end of the article allows Bhakta to make his point as well as an amusing sentence:

“If I can get an elephant led by a mariachi band into this country, I think Osama bin Laden could get across with all the weapons of mass destruction he could get into this country,” Bhakta said.

We Must Stop the Violence

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

It seems easy to be outraged at politicians and the police for focusing on the wrong things (like smoking bans and leases for Boy Scouts) to avoid enforcing laws and allowing guns to be bought so easily, and at educators for not teaching children enough for them to succeed.

It's even easy to express disdain for those who won't come forward with information that could take drugs, guns and killers off the street.

But only "we" can stop the violence and create an atmosphere in which responsibility, accountability and success are equal parts of an equation aimed at eliminating violence, ignorance and poverty. Instead of placing blame and pointing fingers, how about we all take that on? We are all in this together - suburbs and city. This isn't "us vs. them" - we're all affected.

What that looks like is reaching out and getting personally involved in making a difference. In the spirit of "It takes a village," become that village. Non-parents, parents and grandparents can form alliances with business and law-enforcement to open a dialogue of change - not one of where to place blame, but of what can work.

For example, build and fund centers that provide safe places for children to play and have fun (maybe get a good meal). Perhaps we could create workshops aimed at a new model of communication - one that creates a dialogue about a future that people can and want to step into rather than the current model that seems shaped toward blame.

There are dozens of organizations and agencies dedicated to everything from peace in the world, to education, to health and wellness, and more. Many need money; more need volunteers. There may even be jobs to be created or filled. Everyone needs to shift the energy and focus from anger, self-right- eousness and blame, to putting forth the energy and effort that shifts attitudes from resignation and cynicism to "we can make this work."

No one of us is as smart or as strong as all of us. In addition to asking politicians, police and teachers what they are going to do about the situation, ask yourself: What are you willing to do to create a future that works for everyone?

Dana Wickes, Glen Mills

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