Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Raj on Glenn Beck

On Monday, Raj discussed border security with Headline News’ Glenn Beck. Below is a transcript:

Beck: Now, former "Apprentice" contestant and current Pennsylvania candidate Raj Bhakta. Raj, how did this -- how did this idea come to you?

Bhakta: Glenn, it came to me after watching a guy literally come under the official U.S./Mexico international bridge in Brownsville, Texas. I was there. The guy came right under the nose of U.S. security. I figured if this guy can get across right here, only getting caught, in fact, as a result of having given him chase, you could probably get an elephant across. You could probably get an elephant and a mariachi band across. For that matter you could probably get Osama bin laden dressed as Osama bin Laden across.

Beck: Now, you actually chased the guy?

Bhakta: Yes, absolutely. Absolutely.

Beck: Got to love that! Don`t think we have anybody else in Congress doing that.

Bhakta: We need more people. People of action in Congress.

Beck: Do you think -- you`re a Republican?

Bhakta: I am.

Beck: Do you think that the border issue the way it`s been handled by the Republicans is just going to end up being the death of them?

Bhakta: Well, I think it`s clearly, sadly, political corruption on both sides. Overwhelmingly Republicans and Democrats agree that something needs to be done. You know this. But the Democrats are addicted to the notion that minority votes are Democratic votes and Republicans, due to the ties with small business, want to keep the border open for cheap labor. But the tragedy here is that we`ve gone and spent nearly a trillion dollars in the name of national security, gone into Iraq, gone into Afghanistan, passed the Patriot Act, created the Homeland Security Department, untold treasure and lives and fortune, and I can carry on like this on the border, and people come across right under the bridge. It`s a joke.

Beck: All right. So, Raj, honestly, you know, I -- there`s -- I think we are facing some of the most critical elections of our country`s history in the next few elections. This -- this one coming up is very important. I`ve been on the radio program just saying, please look into all of these candidates to make sure that they`re not jokes. Here you are, a game show contestant. Tell me -- tell me your stance on Iran. What do you think of these guys?

Bhakta: Clearly, I think nuclear proliferation is the biggest threat to civilization going forward. It needs to be the policy of the United States, with respect to Iran and North Korea, to bring the maximum -- maximum leverage possible upon them. Now, the point here is I think the war in Iraq has shown the limitations of American unilateral power. We`re stretched out very thinly. So we need diplomacy here. We need to work with the French and the Europeans. It`s not easy to work with the French. We know this. But we`ve got to.

Beck: Right. We`re going to France. You know what? I almost want to put you in Congress just to see you pull that one off.

Bhakta: Yes.

Beck: Raj, thank you very much.

Bhakta: Take care, sir.

Beck: Best of luck to you.

We Remain #1

On Wednesday, Raj Blog VTH retained’s number one ranking. Wednesday was our sixth consecutive day in the top ten.

"It’s Ten Times Worse Than You Can Imagine"

From the Northeast Times:

Raj Bhakta suspected that security at the U.S.-Mexican border was lax.

So, the Republican congressional candidate traveled to Brownsville, Texas, last week to see for himself.

On the first day of his trip, he saw a shirtless Mexican man crossing the Rio Grande into the United States. He chased the man, who was ultimately apprehended.

The next day, to show the absence of security, he hired three elephants and a six-piece mariachi band to stand at the border crossing. He rode one of the elephants for a while. The crowd was there for two hours.

So, how much attention did they attract from security?

"Nada," said Bhakta, who was wearing an American flag bow tie.

The candidate did get plenty of national television exposure, including an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News.

Bhakta said the stunt would be funny if the issue of border security were not so serious.

"It’s all fun and games until a terrorist gets across the border," he said.

Bhakta, who is challenging freshman Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-13th dist.), calls the security "a joke."

"It’s ten times worse than you can imagine," he said. "We have old ladies with blue hair strip searched at airports, but we have elephants going across the border and not getting stopped."

Bhakta believes Congress and President George W. Bush are callous and out of touch on the issue. He wants Congress to take a field trip to Brownsville.

If elected, he would support high-tech surveillance and increased border patrols at high-traffic areas.


StiknStein Blog commends Raj’s demonstration.

When asked how he planned to get his army of 38,000 men, 8,000 cavalry and 37 war elephants across the Alps, Hannibal was said to have replied……

Sure it’s a stunt…….But If I lived in Pennsylvania…………I’D VOTE FOR THIS GENTLEMAN….Is he serious about Border Control?……We’ll see……He’s new blood……Can’t be worse than what we’ve got!

Save the GOP Blog Highlights Raj on the Border

From Save the GOP:

Raj, of “Apprentice” fame, has effectively demonstrated the joke that our southern border has become.

Net World Blog Concurs with Raj

Net World Blog analyzes Raj on the border.

He started in Texas, and was going South across the border, he didn't cross the border, they just splashed around. Granted, he could have easily done so, he demonstrated it took an hour or so before anyone showed up to deal with an Elephant and a band at the border, but the story is being sold that this guy crossed and immigration didn't catch him.

More to the point, though, was what Mr Bhakta was trying to illustrate, as it says on his site:

Both the Democrat and Republican parties are ignoring America’s border security crisis. Republicans don’t want to anger big business and stop the flow of cheap labor, while Democrats don’t want to turn away potential voters. Astoundingly, five years after 9/11, we do not have an immigration policy to meet our security needs.

And that's a serious problem. In the past, other stunts have been done to show the problems with border security, including where a fake "WMD" was smuggled across the border twice, although being clearly marked with biohazard and radioactive symbols. Something seriously needs to be done, and the first party to step up to the plate on this will hit a grand slam.

We Have A Real Problem

My Republican Blog laments border security.

At almost any other time I would find this hillarious, but something tragic must have happened to my sense-of-humor because I don't find it the least bit amusing now. We have a real problem here in Texas and elsewhere. The Canadian border is a problem too, but are we hearing anything about it? If we are, please let me know because I'm not hearing anything about it. It's comparable to hearing from moderate Muslims; the silence is deafening! If only it were merely elephants who are illegally crossing our borders!

The Wrong Response

Seaspook’s Rants showcases Raj on the border.

Please take note. It doesn't matter what or who crosses the border illegally, but when it's an enviornmental issue (elephants entering a quarantined area), the USDA was all over this incident.