Monday, November 06, 2006

A Candidate in Pennsylvania

From Chennai Online News Service:

Yet at the national level there is interest in Pennsylvania where a maverick 31-year-old Raj Peter Bhakta is on the Republican ticket trying to unseat a Democratic incumbent.

Bhakta has made news not only by being a star in Donald Trump's reality show 'The Apprentice' but also in his seeking to prove the point that America's borders are pretty lax when it comes to enforcement.

Bhakta recently made news--riding an elephant and along with a mariarchi band-- crossing a point in the Rio Grande without being hauled up by enforcement officers. Bhakta is a Republican novice with tough immigration credentials trying to make it on November 7.

Inquirer: Seeking Peril

Philadelphia Inquirer depicts gang epidemic

They call themselves the Lemon Crew, the Scorpions, Tiny Rascals and 60 Lansdowne Crips, and there are dozens of others, laying claim to blocks and neighborhoods across the city.

They are Philadelphia's gangs, and some are extraordinarily violent, contributing to the surge in shootings and murders engulfing the city.

While officials debate the scope of the situation or even the definition of a gang, U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan is certain.

"There is a gang problem," Meehan said.

Daily News: "This Used to be Such A Lovely Neighborhood"

Philadelphia Daily News details robbery, rape.

Two thugs are on the lam after a vicious home invasion in Kensington Saturday, cops said.

The creeps didn't even bother to wait till dark. They attacked in broad daylight.

According to Sgt. Francis Erickson, of the police Special Victims Unit, two men entered a house on Wishart Street near E about 10 a.m.

"There was a female upstairs and she heard males threatening her husband downstairs and demanding money," Erickson said.

"One of the males then came upstairs, demanded money from the woman and then forced her into a bedroom and raped her."