Tuesday, November 07, 2006

All Eyes on Raj

From Sepia Mutiny:

Raj Peter Bhakta (R)- As you may recall SM interviewed Bhakta (a Congressional candidate) earlier this year.

Bhakta is the son of Indian and Irish immigrants who has made the elimination of Section 8 public housing and erection of a border fence his central tenets.

To Tom Ellis, the Republican chairman of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, he’s “a breath of fresh air,” a young candidate with ideas and panache who is recognizable to Ellis’ teenage daughters. Bhakta says he’s a reformer - even President Bush is a target - for honest government and fiscal responsibility.

Daily News: For $400?

Philadelphia Daily News recounts family victimization.

A father and his three trembling children stood together, looking down the barrel of a gun.

Two menancing thugs delivered their ultimatum: "Give us the money, or we'll shoot."

This terrifying scene was not a typical holdup, playing out late at night on the corner of a city street. It was taking place in the front bedroom of a home in Kensington Saturday morning, and the assailants were looking for more than spare change.

When it was finally over, police said a woman had been raped, a repairman had been shot, a family had been left forever scarred - and the crooks were on the run after targeting the wrong people.